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One Quick Question Here...Isn't it time we all start working together?

I used to be a strong republican until all this infighting started happening. We as a country need to rethink our politics. With that said, I found this and kinda like the thinking....Maybe, just maybe we should start following these principles!

Understand This! I don't care about the color of your skin, your politics, or your religion...if you support raising taxes, violating rights, bypassing the Constitution or disarming people; I WILL RESIST YOU!


Great questions by John Rich!

What really happened at the Vegas shooting?, Who is the SCOTUS leaker?, Why did the Uvalde police not stop the killer?, Why are food facilities burning down?, How did unarmed citizens get into the capitol building?, Why had no one been arrested from Epstien's black book?, Where are the missing children?, Who is actually running our country?, How long can this continue?

"A single bee is ignored. But when a million come together, Even the bravest run in fear!"
The one thing this government fears is the day that we ALL stand together!

When all the guns have been banned,

When all the words have been censored,

When all the history has been erased,

When all the freedom has been taken,

Only then will you discover why our right to bear arms was so high on the list.

If  we lose 2024 like

we did 2020 you can

Kiss America Goodbye