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Pike, Wayne & Monroe Shooting Ranges

Sunset Hill Shooting Range - Courteous and experienced instructors are always available to assist and advise. An ever expanding collection of the most popular firearms is available for your pleasure. Welcome to a novice friendly facility. No Experience Necessary!!! Designed for the beginner and experienced shooter alike. Minimum age to shoot is 13 years of age. Try Something Fun and Different! Anytime of the year.

Pocono Pistol Range - Designed from the ground up the range utilizes the latest technologies to offer the most convenient and safe indoor shooting environment. Climate controlled year round for your comfort. Convenient and secure on-site parking. Safety Programs for first time or beginner shooters.

Dingmans Shooting Range - Pike County, PA's PREMIER indoor shooting range facility where safety and personal responsibility are first and foremost. ... At DSR, we are committed to firearm safety training and strengthening the sport of shooting. We want to help ... Quality. DSR's retail store stocks new and used modern handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Heberling's Sports Shop (Handguns Only) - Allen J. Heberling founded Heberling's Sports Shop in 1907. The store was originally located near Newfoundland, PA. In the early 1920's, however, a competing taxidermist offered Heberling $300 to move his business to a new location. Heberling moved to Prompton where he settled down, married, and had two sons, Allen W. and Walter F. Upon his death, son Allen W. took over the family business.

3B's Indoor Shooting Range & Training Center - 3B's is an indoor shooting range with live firearm shooting, virtual simulation, and archery.