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Frackemall Supporter

Adversaries of the Militia Do you know how to catch wild pigs?
I now find that to be RIDICULOUS Jewish Boycott
Never Knew This Existed!!!! Saint Nancy
This picture--Says it all Urine or You're Out
100 Year Old Tombstone Arizona!!!!
Awesome!!! T.A.R.D.
A Tale of Two Homes Entitlement My Ass
An Illegal Poem New Preamble To The Constitution
Police Retraining? The value of a Catholic education and a #2 pencil
Freedom to Choose NFL protesting the flag
To the NFL Players - national boycott on Nov 12 The Bird Feeder!
Just One State A Canadian Top 10 List
A Letter from Orange County, FL Calling Home!!!
The Sad Truth A cowboy named Bud
Gonorrhea Lectim Brass Shell Casings
Clocks Everyone, Please Give!
Kim Jung Un Nobody on the destroyer laughed...
$50 Lesson Liberal SHOOTERS!
How they vote in the United Nations Missing Wife
Obama's Visit! Forgiveness
Muslim Heritage, My Ass Obama's Appointments?
Who am I? Muslim Bookstore
The Pope's Vacation Who died before they collected Social Security?
All the dead folks associated to Killary Clinton Dear Ma and Pa
Retirement AMERICA 'S HUNTERS --- Pretty Amazing
12 Reasons I Voted Democrat Obama's impressive list of accomplishments!
Think Before You Donate An Afghanistan Diplomat
Husband Down! Snopes No More!
After America, There is No Place to Go John Deere Classic
Life After The Oval Office Hmmmmmm
Asshole Obozo Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid
Death of America Soup Kitchen
For those born 1930 - 1979 95 year old hero!
The Ant And The Grasshopper Interesting facts on Obama
Coming Soon! Montebello High School
Pictures from D.C. Not So Funny
What Did These Three Men Have in Common? Please Cry For Me, Argentina
Denzel Washington, and Brooks Army Medical Center
The World Is Concerned About Palestinian Kids
Our Grandparents THE UMBRELLA - A touching story
No Respect BHO - An impressive list of accomplishments!
The Tree Hugger! Smart Kid
Moving To Mexico.... Don’t Mess With Senior Citizens!
4 Worms in Church The economy is so bad that...
Driving In The Rain Eating In* The Fifties*
Pass The Butter ... Please I Made a Snowman
The Nuremberg Trials The $2.99 Special
*Two Patients* Sinko De Mayo
What Makes 100%? Priceless
In church yesterday Resurrection
To all my golfer friends.... Medical distinction between Guts and Balls
Top Ten Times in History When The 'F' Word Was Appropriate
The Ark! The Pickle Slicer
Check your phone pad!!!! Navajo Message To The Moon