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Do you need a rooster for the chickens to lay eggs?

When a rooster mates the hen, its semen is stored in the oviduct for days. The eggs will be fertilized each time an ovulation occurs because the sperm will live inside the female reproductive system. Roosters do not need to fertilize the hen every day and are only needed if you want fertilized eggs for new batch of chicks.

Chickens can still lay eggs even without having seen a rooster but it will not be hatched. Egg laying in chickens is a normal body process. It is like a menstrual effluvium in female humans. This discharge, in the form of eggs, and its nutritional value would have gone to the potential embryo. These unfertilized eggs are mostly sold in the supermarkets.

Here are some triggering factors for chickens to continuously lay eggs even without the roosters:

• Faking seasons

To be able for chickens to lay eggs all throughout the seasons, chicken farmers are faking spring by turning on the lights early. Artificial lighting could urge the hens to produce more eggs because laying is tied to the amount of light they receive.

• Best egg-laying chicken breeds

One of the excellent egg-laying breeds is the Leghorn hens. This variety lays eggs consistently at merely 300 eggs per year and they don’t need roosters to ovulate.

• Laying egg mash

A specially formulated feed that can boost your hens’ egg production is the laying mash. It is high in protein and minerals which include calcium which is best for chicken laying eggs.

• Custom fit diet

If you don’t want to feed your hens with laying mash, use other sources of vitamins and minerals needed best to produce eggs. Check the label of your laying mash and substitute with your own grain-based feeds to fit the nutritional needs of your hens. You can also give your chickens some garden vegetables.

Chickens will lay eggs whether they are fertilized or not. Thus, a rooster is not needed for chickens to provide you with fresh eggs everyday.

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