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Egg development inside the Hen

Eggs will develop inside for about A hen usually lays its egg from 24 hours up to 27 hours. This occurrence happened to a normal hen. Fertilization of an egg may depend on many factors affecting the egg inside the body of a hen. These factors may somehow let the hen lay an egg normally or abnormally. Here are the reason on how long the egg will stay inside the hen and the reasons why it takes 24 – 27 hours for a hen to lay an egg.

• Egg development inside the Hen

Inside the body of the hen where the egg develops there is an ovary and an organ that what we call an oviduct. Two organs that are responsible for the egg formation and development. The ovary have many clusters( looks like a grape fruit) and are called the follicles. These follicles are also called an egg yolks once the egg is laid by the hen and are stored inside the ovary.

The more the follicles the hen had inside the body, the more the egg will be possibly produced and this can also affect the time the hen will lay an egg. Hen’s with abundant follicles affects or maybe slows down the laying process. Follicles as an undeveloped eggs have the chance that the time those follicles will develop and are ready to go out then what will happen is that those eggs will be unstoppable(rarely happens, usually two eggs will go out) to go out from the hen’s body and some will just retain inside.

If the eggs are ready to go out in the hen’s body, the environment factors now takes its place. The warmer the area of the hen, the faster the egg will be produced. However, colder areas can slow the process of laying an egg and can result to an abnormal egg, and also a normal egg but it just takes a longer time because it’s cold.

24 to 27 hours is just the normal time hens lay their eggs. However, this happens on most and common hens around the world. Although there are hens that lays eggs earlier than the normal or higher than the normal.

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