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Different Types of Tilapia Farms

Want to know about the different types of Tilapia farming? Tilapia which is the most famous fish to be found in Africa is said to be the most wanted for fish culture. It is seen that Tilapia fishes have high a breeding rate which makes them suitable for business. There are many ways in which Tilapia can be farmed. The ways vary from region to region. But among them the three methods that are most famous are cage culture, tank culture and pond culture.

Cage culture

It is one of the traditional ways of Tilapia farming that are still used. This method has several advantages. It is generally practiced at places where draining and seining is impossible or difficult. Cage culture is used for carrying out farming Tilapia in rivers and large lakes. The cage has a net so that the water can move freely. Use of large bodies of water is generally preferred in cage culture. It is advised to place the cages where the water current is more. Placing cages in stagnant water is not recommended. You can make use of both a standing as well as floating cage.

Tank culture

Tank culture is commonly used in areas where the land or water is scarce. The pH, temperature and oxygen content can be controlled easily in the tank used for tank culture. Harvesting and feeding requires less laborious work. It is recommended that the temperature should not fall below 13 degrees. It is seen that cold water can lead to the ill health of the Tilapia fishes. The temperature should be maintained between 28 - 30 degrees.

Pond culture

It is the most common way of farming Tilapia. The advantage offered by this type of Tilapia farming is that the work of feeding is reduced. It closely resembles the natural feeding habits of Tilapia which feed on naturally available food like weeds, etc. But it is advised that you be very careful while choosing the species for pond culture.

This was all about the various types of farming Tilapia.

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