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The Global Tilapia Market and How Tilapia Farms are Gaining in Numbers

Tilapia farming which originated in the Middle East and Africa has now become the most profitable business in most countries. Tilapia has become the second most popular seafood after crab due to which Tilapia farming is flourishing. It has entered the list of best selling species like shrimp and salmon.

The largest producers of Tilapia are China. Other countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan also supply maximum Tilapia in the global Tilapia market. There are many others countries like India and Iran that are contributing to the international Tilapia market.

The demand for Tilapia is increasing by leaps and bounds and farming Tilapia is one of the easier aquaculture industries to break into as Tilapia are very hardy fish. However, it is influenced by many factors like the temperature, pH and the surroundings. Tilapia farming also needs to be done with care to protect the fish from various diseases that they tend to suffer from. In 2005 and 2006 the global Tilapia market saw a fall in the supply of Tilapia fish due to fish disease.

Tilapia farming produces lots of Tilapia that are used for two purposes. The two purposes are domestic consumption and trading in the global Tilapia market. Only 10 percent is traded in the world Tilapia market and the rest is used for domestic consumption. It is seen that the largest buyer of Tilapia is the United States. Tilapia is the fifth most famous seafood in the United States. The natives of United States prefer frozen fillets as compared to fresh fillets. Fresh fillets are more expensive than frozen filets. The cost of fresh fillet is around $5 per pound whereas frozen fillets costs only $2 per pound. The cost of Tilapia fish increases when it reaches the global fish market.

It is estimated that the rate of farming Tilapia has already reached over 5 million tons and will grow to 6 or more in the near future. It is also expected that it will soon replace salmon and crabs that are the leading sea food universally.

If you are thinking of farming Tilapia, then go ahead and jump in. The global Tilapia market is waiting for your Tilapia fishes.

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