Reasons why I won't take the vaccine

This list was compiled by Israeli Rabbi Hananya Weissman.

1. This is not a vaccine.
2. Pharmaceutical companies, politicians, the medical establishment, and the media have joined forces to universally call it a vaccine when it isn't, with the intention of manipulating people into feeling safer while undergoing treatment.
3. The intended benefit of this treatment is minimal and in any case will not last long.
4. I can reduce my chances of contracting a severe virus if I naturally strengthen my immune system.
5. The establishment insists that this treatment is safe.
6. Pharmaceutical companies are not responsible in any way if something goes wrong, and they cannot be sued.
7. The Israeli Prime Minister has openly acknowledged that the Israeli people are the world's laboratory for this experimental treatment.
8. Israel has agreed to share its citizens ' medical data with a foreign pharmaceutical company as a major part of its consent to receive this treatment.
9. Pfizer executives and board members officially declare that they did not use their own treatment, despite all the fanfare and assurances.
10. The establishment media accepted this ridiculous excuse without question or concern.
11. Three facts to put together:
"Bill Gates touts these vaccines as essential to human survival.
- Bill Gates believes that there are too many people in the world and it needs to be "depopulated".
- Bill Gates, perhaps the richest man in the world, also did not get an injection. No rush.
12. The institution was completely one-sided to use the vaccine.
13. There is an intensive awareness campaign for people taking the vaccine.
14. The masses follow them in tow, posting photos of them being injected, fueling peer pressure to do the same.
15. Those who express concerns about vaccination are bullied, slandered, bullied, censored, ostracized, threatened, and dismissed from their jobs.
16. This is the greatest medical experiment in the history of mankind.
17. It is deliberately not portrayed as the greatest medical experiment in human history, and the fact that it is a medical experiment at all is greatly downplayed.
18. If the truth were told, very few would agree to participate in such an experiment.
19. The medical institution does not inform about any of this.
20. We are under various pressures to get injections, which violates medical ethics and the foundations of a democratic society.
21. The government has closed its virus and treatment protocol for THIRTY YEARS.
22. The government can share our personal medical data with foreign corporations, but they won't share their own protocol on this with us?
23. The establishment has hired doctors, rabbis, the media, and the masses to talk about people who don't want to be given a new vaccine.
24. I know many people who have been injected, but none of them have studied the science in depth, carefully weighed the potential benefits and risks, compared this option with other alternatives, were really informed, and decided that this was the best option for them.
25. Pharmaceutical companies have a long and illustrious history of creating mass slaughter with miracle vaccines that they impose on unsuspecting people, even after serious problems have already become known.
26. Indeed, horror stories are already appearing at an incredible rate, but politicians are not at all concerned, the medical establishment dismisses them as unrelated or insignificant, the media ignores it, pharmaceutical companies move forward at full speed, and those who raise the red flag continue to be bullied, censored, and punished.