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Survival - This manual is based entirely on the keyword SURVIVAL. The letters in this word can help guide you in your actions in any survival situation. Whenever faced with a survival situation, remember the word SURVIVAL.

Mortuary Affairs Specialist - The MOS Training Plan (MTP) identifies the essential components of a unit training plan for individual training. Units have different training needs and requirements based on differences in environment, location, equipment, dispersion, and similar factors. Therefore, the MTP should be used as a guide for conducting unit training and not a rigid standard. The MTP consists of two parts. Each part is designed to assist the commander in preparing a unit training plan which satisfies integration, cross training, training up, and sustainment training requirements for soldiers in this MOS.

Nuclear War Survival Skills - The purpose of this book is to provide Americans and other unprepared people with information and self-help instructions that will significantly increaase their chances of surviving a nuclear attack.