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A Democrat Governor made one confession to Fox News that no one saw coming

AG Barr ‘very concerned’ about ‘personal liberty’ after Gates proposes digital vaccine certificates

Mary Poppins branded ‘racist’ by US academic over soot scene

Charlotte WWII Memorial Defaced With Communist Symbols

Anti-Vaccine Posts On Facebook, Instagram And Twitter Could Be Banned Under New Uk Laws

‘Appalling’ FBI Documents Show Flynn Was Targeted with Perjury Trap

Bombshell intel doc reveals how China lied to the world about coronavirus, orchestrated cover-up

Business Owners Face Six Months in Jail for Defying Murphy and Opening Up Shop

Arizona: Muslim Students Threaten to Kill Prof for Suggesting Islam is Violent

Barr Directs Prosecutors To Look For State And Local Stay-Home Orders That Go Too Far

Big Brother in the Sky: New Jersey Police Use Chinese Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

Bill Gates backs $1bn plan to cover earth in video surveillance satellites

Bill Gates Continues The Scam Pushes “Immunity Passports” & Tech-Enabled Surveillance State

Constitution Isn’t Suspended for COVID-19, Attorney General Barr Warns Public Officials

‘Constitutionally Defective’ – Judge’s Ruling in CA Ammo Case Eviscerates Law