Financial Privacy; Stolen Freedoms And The Great Inflation Lie

Widows and orphans and others starve in Appalachia, homeless people freeze to death in Michigan, and Mothers of wealthy sons buy cat food to eat in Chicago and Kansas City and Los Angeles. The once King of the currencies, the dollar, does not buy what it used to buy.

News media hype is disseminated by script readers who proclaim hyper inflation only happens in third world African countries where people live in mud huts. Meanwhile Granny starves in Rochester, Uncle Joe pinches pennies in Minnesota, Widow Davis dropped her car insurance, Cousin Harry eats day old bread for breakfast, best friend Betty and her husband’s savings are exhausted following the exhaustion of unemployment and they abandon their rented house for their van, and the Eurodollar is becoming the standard for world exchange.

You are told "inflation" is a natural phenomenon. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is a lie invented and adopted by a clan of criminal bankers and the lobbyists and elected and unelected officials who cover for them as they allocate, borrow, print, and spend the wealth and promised wealth of a once great country into new third world status. The United States of America’s standard of living is spiraling downward. The abundance of dollars created through borrowing from the privately owned, Federal Reserve System floods the world markets as a means of promised payments for goods and services as instant wealth is created with fiat dollars and the endless supply thereof devalues the money in your pocket. And hamburgers that cost a quarter in 1967 sell for $8.50. And you believed "inflation" was the culprit.

Money and banking evolved when stored wealth was exchanged for scarce commodities and "money" became receipts provided for the convenience of exchange. Paper currency was once freely exchanged for the physical Gold held by the early Goldsmiths who became modern day bankers. Money was never invented for any purpose except to enable the wealth holder to conveniently trade his wealth for goods and services- without the trouble and expense of lugging sacks of Gold around to do it.

Gold is bandied around as a choice for backing the now ruined dollar. Why Gold? No reason, really, except that Gold can be understood and it is what people believe in-apparently as its market value exceeds $1,150 per ounce as of this writing.

The commodity or commodities stored in the "warehouse" and used to collateralize the money in your pocket matters not. In fact, the important component, ownership of the monetary system, is the key point of discussion for a sound system of money-without the great inflation lie. The money can be successfully backed by minerals in the ground, Gold and Silver, grains, land, and other stores of value. Instead of payment promises (taxes) to be forcibly paid by salary slaves at a future time in further, devalued dollars.

Money issued as receipts for actual stored value of scarce products would have commodity value market fluctuations rather than be devalued through an endless supply of borrowing and printing that produces too much supply and causes a decrease in currency values. And a monetary system owned by the people instead of the privately owned Federal Reserve System would force a system of checks and balances rather than a secretive, system without accountability.

When I was eight years old, I opened my first bank account. Mr. Banker did not ask for a Social Security number and I did not have one. No one cared where my money was stored and no one quizzed me about my identification-which I did not have, or asked privacy invasive questions or did any of the tracking and tracing that big bureaucrat does today to the holders of money. However, as the currency became the drug of choice for the abusers of power, human collateral became the commodity of choice-rather than Gold, and your financial privacy eroded along with the value of your once strong currency, the U.S. Dollar. Today, you have to use privacy principles and concepts to bank anonymously and keep your money and wealth private.

Big Bureaucrat has to have a way to keep track of his "collateral," human slaves who dole out huge percentages of their stored labor for the pleasures of a few who abuse those they have sworn to serve. So instead of having the privacy promised by the constitution, you have government agents and bureaucratic policies to hurdle in order to do your banking and money business today. And the great inflation lie continues to be told without explanation as the public knows not the meaning of the Federal Reserve System or the source of their money.

Copyright: James Clark King, LLC December 17, 2009

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