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Right To Privacy: Money Privacy - Third of a Series

This article contains actual privacy experience of Grant Hall, author, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living. Certain nameands locations have been changed.

Right To Privacy: Obama Birth Certificate

The election and inauguration are final and the new President’s questionable place of birth is on the mind of many. A family member has stated she witnessed his birth in a Kenyan hospital. Lawsuits filed to force Obama to produce an original birth certificate fall on deaf ears in all but a few media sources, and the court ruled that attorney, Philip Berg does not have standing.

Stalking Solution: Driving Secretly - The Betty Stanton Story, Part II

The name, "Betty Stanton" is an alternate name used by a person for privacy purposes. Her methods of escaping an abusive stalker are provided for the benefit of others who may be facing similar circumstances. This is the second of a series of privacy articles based on an actual case history.

Stop Stalking Problems When You Create a New Identity

Stalking victims can stop stalking once they create a new identity. This high-level privacy tactic is effective and has been used successfully to escape a street stalker, a phone stalker, or online stalking criminals.

The Cash Society: "Banking" Secretly

While commercial banks are the most common institutions used by individuals and businesses for storing money, they offer less privacy and protection than the "cash and carry" method, (Hall, 2006) of converting checks into cash. Neither businesses nor individuals are safe from government-related bank account and asset seizures, (Hall, 2007) , (Rajter, 2007) and banks and bankers-domestic and foreign, (Barber, 2007) cooperate fully with government agency confiscations with the exception of a very few jurisdictions and these succumb, (Hill, 1998) when pressured or given "information" necessary to meet the criteria for "legal" bank account seizures.

The Cash Society: Private Bill Payments, Part 1

DIGITS OR DOLLARS? Fear mongers and the unknowing tout the eventual loss of all financial privacy and power currently enjoyed by the free people. Rumors of a "Cashless Society" abound and projected dates loom in the near future, you’re told. Why, you’ll have no use for greenbacks-weak or strong-by the year 2010 or thereabouts.

The Private Patient

Avoid Privacy Invasions

"What's your ‘Social,' Mr. Hall?" She might as well have asked for the PIN to our business bank account. "We need your 'Social,' Mr. Hall," she repeated. I glanced up from the Nora Roberts novel I was reading. You'll get it when hell freezes over, I thought. I wanted to yell it-to swear, to scream at her! Be patient, my Inner Voice insisted.

The Private Patient Part II - Second of a Series

In an effort to provide readers with educational information, Grant Hall, author of Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living provides an actual case history of his efforts to shield himself from identity theft and other privacy invasions. The following article is based on true events with certain amendments included for privacy reasons.

Tight Britches Syndrome

Weight loss commercials and discounted gym memberships are popular this time of year. I'll bet losing weight is a top New Year's resolution. I could find articles that quote these statistics, but I won't. I don't feel like foot notes, citations, reference lists, and quotation marks. Today, I'm writing about "tight britches syndrome." I don't know if you call it an epidemic, a malady out of control, or a health threat. I expect it's all of the above.

Travel Privacy: Principles and Solutions

Microchips may be implanted into your clothing from head to foot, you’re told. Giant department stores can pull up your entire life’s history, once they’ve recognized your mug and stored it into their database of names, addresses, and Social Security numbers. You fear the “new world order,” with its private army of police and mercenaries. Uninformed talking heads and storyteller authors promise that this shadowy, secretive power knows all about you—and that you can do nothing about it.

Trust Checking Account: Key To Avoiding Identity Theft

Editors Note: Grant Hall authored Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, and recommends personal and business privacy tactics, principles and concepts as per individual and business needs to avoid identity theft fraud.

Trust Manager Principle: Avoid A Business Privacy Invasion

The Trust Manager Principle is a business privacy principle designed to conceal the true controller of a Nevada Limited Liability Company. As far as I know, this principle is an original term and I and others have used it for years. However, I only named this principle and cannot take full credit for it. That credit goes to a very fine asset protection and business attorney who provided expert counsel during my research as I developed high-level business and personal privacy principles and concepts.

Uncover the Identity of a Harassing Emailer

While your garden variety spam is a mere nuisance, harassing email can be upsetting and even scary. What makes it even scarier is the fact that the inherent anonymity of the internet makes it pretty difficult to find the identity of the person who is sending you threatening emails.

Workplace Privacy And Garnished Wages

A reader has complained about his workplace privacy being invaded by a child support collection government agency. This article summarizes his story and is provided for educational and information purposes. The author and publisher advise readers to follow all laws as they exercise their privacy rights.

Your Battle For Medical Identity Theft Survival

Medical treatment can be obtained from providers who require patients to identify themselves without the risk of medical identity fraud. Indeed, medical identity fraud can be costly and identity criminals have committed identity crimes against consumers successfully. For example, Joe Ryan's name and Social Security number were used by a convict who was treated in a hospital that sent the real Ryan a $44,000 bill for the services according to an article entitled, "The Scary Truth about Medical Identity Theft," and this example may make consumers wary of providing their most vulnerable personal identifiers, their Social Security number and date of birth to hospitals and other medical providers.

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