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Welcome to my educational and informational website for III Percenters and all other Patriots. The content here is produced by other preppers and survivalists, so as always treat everything with a grain of salt and learn those skills that you think you need for any problem or emergency in the future.

If you're new you can view this video - What is a Prepper - What is Prepping and if you've forgotten what America should be like, watch what Ronald Reagan our 40th President had to say.

Have you woken up yet to the fact that those in the democrap party want to enslave you? Guess not....Maybe you should take a look at these three videos.
[A Visitor From The Past] [Communism Survivor speaks Against Gun Control at a town hall meeting] [Gun Owner Tells Council]

Can't find that PlanDemic video? well youtube may have deleted it, but I found a copy just for you! Here it is!

Many people ask why do we prepare? said it the best and I'll quote them below:

Many people believe preppers to be paranoid people or religious extremists who are waiting for the world to end, but these are incorrect stereotypes. Preppers are not crazy or delusional; they are normal people who choose to prepare their families for a crisis. Contrary to the story told on television shows, preppers do not focus on one specific event, but they are ready for anything that they might face. Society tends to put a negative connotation on what preppers do, but there is nothing wrong with accepting the realistic possibility that things might not go the way you’ve planned.

The government cannot always be counted on for emergency assistance, which is another reason many people emphasize preparedness in their homes. While the American government does its best to give aid to people affected by disasters, there is no guarantee that they will make it to your family quickly. If the entire country is affected by a crisis they may not make it to your family at all. The need for assistance could be too great, and their resources may not allow them to help everyone. Preppers are more likely to survive widespread catastrophic events because they are not dependent on the government.

Preppers make sure their family has knowledge of basic survival skills. They also teach their families how to protect themselves when resources are scarce, in case they have to fight to keep what’s rightfully theirs. Many preppers choose to train their loved ones to use firearms for protection, and also as a way of obtaining food should they run out of supplies. They make sure their families know how to safely and properly handle weapons, and they keep ample amounts of ammunition stocked up along with their rations.