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The Commonwealth Foundation's research and educational efforts are firmly established on several core values that form the basis of a "civil society." The activities of the Foundation are therefore committed to: Respecting and protecting the lives and property of others. Recognizing the inseparability of personal and economic freedom. Upholding personal responsibility and accountability for one's actions. Challenging the general perception that government intervention is the most appropriate and most efficient means of solving societal problems. Demonstrating the power of private institutions-both for-profit and non-profit-to create a good and civil society. Promoting the use of economic reasoning to understand a world of scarcity, trade-offs, and the unseen consequences of governmental solutions to societal problems.

Rock The Capital (RTC) is a political platform designed to engage objective and non-ideological dialogue, promote political commentary while capturing timely issues and themes with a focus on honesty, transparency and efficiency. RTC is a venue that goes beyond political polarization and is a network of political stakeholders who concentrate on addressing local and regional elements of politics.

Politics PA

Bridging the gap between Union Members and Liberty - Building an Organization of Voices - Strengthening Unions through Conservative Principles

Pennsylvania Votes

Track the Voting Record of Your Legislators

Open PA Government (School Spending)

•School Spending and Taxes: PA Department of Education, Summaries of Annual Financial Report Data •School Performance: PA Department of Education, PSSA and AYP Results •School Payroll: Data provided by PA Department of Education upon request

Grassroots PA

Daily News across the State of PA

Published on  April 19th, 2020

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