Police State

EPA Abuse.com

EPA Abuse.com is dedicated to exposing the dangerous anti-business policies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, this site will present common sense and science-based rebuttals to the climate change alarmists who are fueling irrational public policy reactions to alleged "man-made" climate change or global warming.

Police State USA

Police State USA is a volunteer, grassroots alternative media outlet dedicated to exposing, what we believe, the systemic formation of an American police state. This effort has been in operation since 2010 on Facebook, and after accumulating a sizable social media following, PSUSA launched this website in August 2013. A team of contributing authors contributing authors has been built based on their ability to exhibit professionalism, accuracy, knowledge of the subjects, and passion for the liberty movement.

Published on  April 19th, 2020

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