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Don't Let Feelings Fool You!

mrmagoomrmagoo Posted 2 months ago
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Roger Helle

When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching the old WWII movies on TV. I remember one where the American GIs are in foxholes and the Japanese are everywhere in the jungles around them. At nightfall, the Japanese soldiers taunt them, yelling, "GI, tonight you die!" When morning comes, they find several soldiers with their throats cut and no one saw a thing.

Fast-forward a few years and now I'm in a foxhole with Viet Cong guerillas all around us. One night, I was sent out on guard to a "listening post," a foxhole on the very edge of our perimeter. Normally there were two Marines in the listening post, but this particular night I was all alone. I was on watch from 2200 hours to 0400 (10:00 PM - 4:00 AM). We had been on a long patrol that morning and filled sandbags for our security on the perimeter all afternoon. I didn't get a nap, so when I got to my position I was already tired.

While on the edge of the perimeter, I was trying everything I could think of to stay awake. Slapping myself in the face wasn't an option — it would give away my position. I thought about putting my chin on the bayonet on the end of the rifle. In my thinking, if I started to nod off the sharp point of the bayonet would wake me up. You also have to know a little history of my life: I tend to be accident prone. I could see my chin dropping and the bayonet going all the way through my mouth.

While thinking of ways to keep awake, I heard a noise in front of my foxhole. Instantly I was awake as the adrenaline rush brought me to full alert. My heart was beating and sweat poured down my face. My body was now on 100% alert as I flashed back to the movies when I was a kid. I knew there was a Viet Cong sneaking up to jump in my foxhole and kill me.

I put my combat knife on the side of the foxhole, silently clicked the safety off my rifle, peering into the darkness for movement. Suddenly, a lizard about 18-20 inches long jumped across the front of my position. It scared the cr... I mean, it scared me! Here's where feelings come in. My "feelings" told me I was in a life-threatening situation. But in reality, the lizard did not pose any danger to me as there are no poisonous lizards in Vietnam. But my "feelings" were very real to me.

I believe there are many conservatives and Christians right now who "feel" we're going to lose this next election and lose the country. All of the polls and talkingheads on TV are telling us that Biden is going to win the election. You are being lied to, just like everything else they've lied about: Impeachment, treason, Russia collusion, and now the "polls."

There are far more people in this nation who have the common sense to know the Left has nothing to offer voters to make the country better. Leftists want to turn the U.S. into another Venezuela. It's not going to happen. Be of good cheer, do your part, pray, and vote in November.

Something to think about

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