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30 Day Sharp Shooter - Survivalists, Preppers and anyone interested in defending their homes against intruders...Former CIA Officer Breaks His Silence And Reveals The Secret To Becoming A Deadly Accurate Shooter "Here's how to get the confidence to shoot with absolute accuracy when your life depends on it!"

Combat Shooter - Discover the simplest and most effective shooting system out there! It is so good that you will narrow your grouping of rounds from the size of a basketball to the width of a NICKEL in less than 20 minutes! Developed by an active-duty special operations soldier, this shooter system has been tested and refined so that it's even more effective, more accurate, and easier to learn. Once you master this simple shooting system you will actually find it hard to miss your target even if you tried… no matter how much chaos storms around you!

Spec Ops Shooting - Unveil the Green Beret skills in YOUR Genes...You don't know you were born with this skill only Green Berets and Navy SEALs exploit...A natural reflex... hidden in your genes...That could transform you into a combat machine. And now it's your turn to bring it into action... and be the hero everyone needs...Because the most effective, tested program...Is coming from Special Forces Sergeant, Brian Morris...