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Self Defense - Privacy

Cyber Defense Protocol Hacker Protection For Your Home! - There’s a dangerous new scam around! Hackers have already snatched millions of dollars from unsuspecting Americans. Most victims are seniors and folks with little computer knowledge…This scam is spreading like wildfire all over the internet… and even the police are helpless! Find out how this dangerous cyber-attack works and how to protect yourself in this special report. PS: The hacking elite are doing everything they can to take this site down…Because it’s the only one that show how this scam works and how to protect yourself from it!

The Patriot Privacy Kit - The next World War will not be fought in the air, on the ground, or in the sea. The next great war will be fought in cyberspace. The Russian and Chinese governments are sponsoring cyber attacks on the US as we speak. This horrifying map of the attacks shows the US is the #1 target of this government-sponsored terrorism. Chinese hackers took down the NYSE, The Wall Street Journal and even all 715 of United Airlines jets and 4917 flights in one fell swoop just this past July.

Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance - Each chapter of this book teaches you one of my many tricks to achieve a layer of privacy so that your communications and transactions on your phone or other devices can be carried out securely. The forces of anti-privacy are so formidable that you need many layers of privacy to avoid probably unconstitutional and/or illegal surveillance.