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Survival Energy - Solar

Backyard Revolution - This isn’t about a "hushed up secret" or a "breakthrough conspiracy cloaked device" made by some "silenced anonymous brilliant mind". Thousands of people are already using this simple method and they just don’t know it… so they’re throwing thousands of dollars out the window because they don’t know how to do it efficiently. Are you one of them?

Solar Stirling Plant - Uses The Sun To Create Free Electricity - *The Big Energy Corporations may have gotten us taken down once before because we were teaching people how to produce electricity at home...But we fought back and won and just re-released these secrets!

DIY Home Energy System - And I'm going to reveal something that the greedy, big energy monopolies don't want you to know about! Because once you know about this …they won’t be able force you and your family to pay overpriced and criminally high electric bills anymore…And you won’t have to continue helplessly handing them over all of your hard earned money each month …just so you can keep your home’s lights on!

Portable Solar Enegy System! - A "weirdo" had the guts to dig into the 'solar panel tech'and came out with a cheap, ingenious way to cut power bills by at least 73.5%... in less than 7 days. Rumors say it's the same secret that got Energy Monopolies cornered, forcing them to up the price on solar systems...

Solar Power Design Manual - Teach Yourself Solar Power. Build your own solar power system with this easy to follow guide. Get the Solar Power Design Manual Now!! Do you want to learn how to use solar power? Because if you do, then you've come to the right place. The Solar Power Design Manual will guide you smoothly through the complex process of designing, specifying and installing stand-alone solar power systems for all applications, anywhere in the world.

Energy2green - Wind And Solar Power System - For generations, we have been held hostage by Power Companies. Despite relatively little investment in new power plants and equipment, the average consumer has seen their electric bill more than double in the past 10 years! This far outpaces inflation during that same time period and no one has invested in any nuclear facilities for more than 3 decades so why have the power companies raised our rates so dramatically?