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Survival - Shelter

Garage, House, Cabin, Shed, Playhouse, Greenhouse & Barn Plans - We have put together 33 complete construction sets of plans that you can download and get the building process started today...By Grabbing The Full Use Rights To 33 of our best Selling Plans. You can find a plan that works for you and make that house, cabin, garage or workshop project a reality!

Tiny House Plans - It is generally accepted that if you want a house, you have to pay tradesmen to build it for you. It costs MEGA bucks, excludes you from the process, and is only built to meet code (i.e., minimum standard for human habitation). Doing it yourself, on the other hand, is completely different. It costs less, is better quality and all those things I mentioned earlier. But the most amazing thing is that it builds community. All kinds of help comes out of the woodwork once you begin.

How to Bug Out Forever - I don’t care if you have a 5-year stockpile, 1,000 gallons of water or enough guns for a small army... You cannot fight floods and hurricanes with bullets, and even the strongest house can be destroyed in a heartbeat. What you many not realize is that, when SHTF, you’ve got only 2 options: you either bug in or bug out. Make the wrong one and all those months and years you spent prepping your house and making a stockpile could be gone in a heartbeat.

Build Your Own Shipping Container Home - Unless you are a builder or experienced, building a house is always intimidating. Even a small one. There are thousands of materials, pieces, and tasks involved. But, what containers as perfect modules allow you to do, is simplify the entire process. Think of a typical 1,000 square foot house. Try and work through in your head the total length of timber for the framing, square footage of sheathing, number of floor joists required, and ceiling rafters. Can't do it. Not too many can. Now think about that 1,000 square foot house made out of shipping containers. It's 3 forty foot containers. By reducing the house into 3 base component pieces (modules), it's much easier to understand, design, and build.

Shipping Container Home Made Easy - This program is the result of my 18 years of building shipping container homes. If it can happen... I’ve seen it. If it can go wrong... it’s gone wrong on me! But today, I’m considered one of the world’s leading authorities on shipping container home construction. In fact, I’ve acted as a consultant for companies that would be considered my competition! So here’s my unbreakable promise to you: When you invest in this program today, you’ll have the ability to build your own shipping container home...You’ll build it without headaches, mistakes, or irritating delays...And you’ll do it for a fraction of what it would normally cost you if you didn’t have me as your guide...

Family Bunker Plans - If your anyone like me, you want to do absolutely everything in your power to make sure your family is safe, no matter what. We all know our country is heading in a pretty scary direction and these days our family's are faced with more dangers than ever before.

Own The Rights To Blueprints-cabins, Sheds, Garages, More!! - We are a design company that specializes in large custom homes and commercial projects. On occasion we have designed some smaller projects such as garden houses, detached garages, cabins etc. We thought it would be a great opportunity to sell these great designs in a plan collection with the added bonus of giving the purchaser an option of not only building the projects but to also create a business where you could take the plans and resell them as much as you like. No strings attached !!

Build A Container Home - When it comes to building a home from a shipping container there are many things you must consider. You've probably already searched various websites for guidance however many of the other Online guides miss out several very important steps. You see, safety is a huge factor when building a container home. I mean, you're probably going to have friends and family living in your container at some point!