Bio Fuel

Energy Liberation Army - The future of alternate energy in a BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY helps you save 75% on power bills THIS POINT FORWARD...The truth is finally coming out, after decades of lies, manipulation, and deception. Because Big Thirsty Money Oil and Energy Corporations KNOW that a car or an energy generator can use water to run. In the hands of the people, it will lay waste to Big Oil and Energy profits like a Biblical plague of locusts, and this scares them. And they are willing to do anything in their power to prevent this from happening.

Electricity Freedom - How I Powered My Entire Home For The Past 3 Years...With Nothing Aside From A Few Bags of Grass Clippings. And today you’re going to see how a simple invention from the 1800s...Which American settlers used to heat their homes… and to cook warm meals during the long, harsh winters...Can allow you to generate enough electricity to dramatically slash your monthly power bill starting tomorrow...While keeping even a 4 bedroom home heated to a balmy 77 degrees… regardless of if it’s below zero outside.