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Army Training-Hand Signals
Extended And Modified Hand Signals For Militia Training
Tactical Hand Signals


How To Make A Ghillie Cape


What Is a Well-Regulated Militia

Rifle Marksmanship

Fundamentals Of Rifle Marksmanship 1999 US Marine Corps.
Fundamentals Of Rifle Marksmanship Part 1
Fundamentals Of Rifle Marksmanship Part 2

Sniper Videos

USMC Sniper Training Film
Sniper Movement Techniques

Squad Tactics

Individual Movement Techniques Fire Team Formations
Introduction To Rifle Squad
Shoot And Move Tactics
Smvm-Movement Formations Fields Of Fire
Squad Movement Formations Techniques
Basic Training Basics - How To Conduct A Squad Attack
Squad Attack
Establish Patrol Base
Basic Training Basics - Movement Techniques Part 1
Basic Training Basics - Movement Techniques Part 2
Fireteam Wedge-Foom Part 1
Fireteam Wedge-Foom Part 2
React To Contact
React To Contact Drill
React To Indirect Fire
SAS Contact Drill
How To Break Contact
Consolidate Reorganize
Army Room Clearing Technique
Tactical Shooting - Room Clearing Drill


Ak47 Field Strip Lesson
How To Field Strip And Clean Your AR15
Basic Training Basics Learn To Mechanical Zero Your Weapon
Basic Training Basics Learn How To Read Your Zero Target
How To Correctly Buy Full Auto Suppressors With NFA Tax Stamp