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OK, first, click here and see some of the videos that were emailed to me or put in a mesage.  And the left calls us trash!!!

2nd Amendment Ammo Asshole Liberals
Bilderberg Group BioMass Bugging Out or In
Civil War Climate Change Clinton Cartel
Communications Deep State Equipment-Other
Fast & Furious Firearms-Maintenance Government Agencies
Gun Control Heating & Cooking Hunting & Fishing
Hygeine Illegal Immigration Illuminati
Information Interrogation Loonie Left
Medical Medical - Bites & Stings Metal Working
Militia New World Order Off the Grid
Personal Safety Political Statements Power
Prepping Prepping-Canning Prepping-Food
Prepping-Food Storage Prepping-Pre-Packaged Food Red Dot Scopes
Reloading Ammo Resupply Terrorists-Antifa
Terrorists-BLM Training United Nations
Water-Drinking Weapons-Handgun Weapons-Malfunctions
Weapons-Repair & Maintenance Weapons-Scopes & Sights
Weapons-Sighting-In   WTF?