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Congress Revisits Obama-Era Gun Running Scandal - Fast & Furious - America's Newsroom

President Obama's Deadliest Gun Scandal: Fast And Furious

DOJ Continues Stonewalling On Gun Scandal Fast And Furious

Arizona Sheriff Explains Fast And Furious

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Fast and Furious: Obama's Watergate

FBI hiding facts on "fast and furious" scandal?

Obama Smiles & Laughs About Fast and Furious

ATF "Fast & Furious" Scandal: Investigate Eric Holder

Eric Holder BUSTED For Lying About Fast And Furious Scandal

Fast & Furious Gun Scandal: Is This the Obama Administration's Greatest Cover-Up?

'Fast and Furious' investigation in the spotlight again

What Was Operation Fast and Furious? CIA, Cover-Up, Explained, Facts (2012)

Holder Uses Fast And Furious Scandal To Push Gun Control

ATF Agent Shared Fast & Furious Info with White House